Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Infinite Lives

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga is a tile-matching puzzle game from

The cheat is included Firefox extension.


  • Infinite lives and boosts
  • All unlocked charms are bought

1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser and Open CandyCrush
2. Download the Firefox Extension here Download Here
3. Install the downloaded Firefox Extention (you dont know how? google it or click below)
4. Enjoy playing.

In the next page just wait the 5-4-3-2-1 seconds and click on that button to download

Farmville Trainer 1.7

1: A simple menu to connect to the browser. Just Open Farmville 2, in your browser, open later this program and choose in the list the browser and click to attach. If farmville 2 is Open it will work and Open.
when this window is open below, need only be opened with farmville and connected with this program, then click "OFF" to activate the script, use one or more at a time

  1. 01 hack - Always has water and power, just put on, and off when full. Just remember to put off         before planting. Or Hoops Daisy will show
  2. 02 hack - Win 300,000 xp for putting hay wagon Free or Pool on farm and level up. - Enable, Open Market, find "Wagon" or "Pool" place on farm and level up(max.60)
  3. 03 hack - Put a Free Manor House and sell it for 8.000.000 coins. - Enable, Open Market and find "Manor" put on farm and sell.
  4. 04 hack - Harvest instant chicken coop, wells and furnace. - Enable this and Harvest , Harvest
  5. 05 hack - Make all cash items cost Coins. - Buy all by coins or free.
  6. 06 hack - Shop and Request will cost 0. - Buy all by coins or free.
  7. 07 hack - Shop and Request will cost 1. - Buy all by coins or free.
  8. 08 hack - Ask's and Post's will be ready in 1 minute for quests. - Enable, Send all gifts to your friends and Post´s, harvest prized animals in 60 seconds.
  9. 09 hack - Harvest 1 Crop and others 1500 times. - Harvest 1 crop and give 1500 to feed your animals. Feed your animals and get multiple itens.
  10. 10 hack - Remove all Rocks and Wood. - Tired for asking peace's to remove all Rocks, just put On visit a neighbour and Go home. Voila !!!
  11. 11 hack - New Water 1500 Pack - Enable and go to inventory and search Water30 and use. If you don´t have just enable first Cash to coins and buy.
  12. 12 hack - Will have 3600 codes in list, change to what you want to have.Copy codes same number and change it.
  13. 13 hack - AoB Replacer just put the codes and replace.

In the next page just wait the 5-4-3-2-1 seconds and click on that button to download

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ultimate Candy Crush Mod for Android

For those who play Candy Crush in their mobile phones specially ANDROID PHONES

Ultimate Mod contains the following:

• 1,000 lives 
• 150 moves per level
• 4 minute limit on timed levels
• 99 moves on bombs
• Bombs and Licorice are reduced

Installation instructions:

Dun sa mga nakapagstart na ng Candy Crush, i-sync nyo muna yung progress ng laro ninyo sa FB, then dapat i-uninstall ninyo yung FB app ninyo after ma-sync, then uninstall ninyo rin yung original Candy Crush app ninyo. After that, install the Ultimate Candy Crush Mod, from there sync your game through Ultimate Candy Crush Mod only (it will take you to your FB account using your default browser). From there you'll be resumed to your last level played with, of course, the Ultimate Mods mentioned above.
Happy playing! Always hit the 3 stars!

1. Sync your candy crush progress using facebook.
2. Uninstall ANY facebook APPLICATION after the sync.
3. Uninstall the Original Candy Crush Application in your phone
4. Install the Ultimate Candy Crush Mod DOWNLOAD HERE
5. from there sync your game through Ultimate Candy Crush Mod only 
   (it will take you to your FB account using your default browser)
6. Enjoy Playing

It works with rooted and non-rooted phones.

Download Links

New Link for ARMv6 units ( Galaxy Y, Galaxy Pocket , Etc Low End Units).

Credits to :

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Candy Crush Cham / Life Hack

Charm List:

  • CandyColorBomb
  • CandyFreeSwitch
  • CandyExtraTime
  • CandyExtraMoves
  • CandySwedishFish
  • CandyStripedWrapped
  • CandyHammer
  • CandySweetTeeth
  • CandyBubbleGum
  • CandyAntiPeppar
  • CandyJoker
  • CandyShuffle
  • CandyCoconutLiquorice
  • CandyCharmOfStripedCandy
  • CandyCharmOfExtraLife
  • CandyCharmOfFrozenTime
1. Log in to your facebook account and go to candycrush let it load completely.
2. Right click to the side and select " View Page Source "
3. press ctrl + f and type session
4. CLICK HERE wait and press skip ad then paste the session code
5. Download the Tool required CLICK HERE wait and press skip ad to download
6. Press Submit and Refresh Candy Crush it will add +1 to all.

You can't get it right? Watch this Video